libgphoto2 not working again (Was: Digikam, etc. cannot upload from iPhone 6S)

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libgphoto2 not working again (Was: Digikam, etc. cannot upload from iPhone 6S)

Dennis Gallien
Regrettably, I have to report that apparently libgphoto2 is again not working
with the iPhone 6S, or perhaps more accurately stated, the recent update to
iOS 10.3.  As before, the phone is recognized and the store_interface folder
is loaded, but the DCIM folder is not seen.

I had been successfully using the interim version provided by Jan.  Then I
updated libgphoto2 from the Main Update Repository to version 2.5.13-2.3.1
shortly following its release in mid-April.  A week or two later iOS 10.3 was
released.  I had not tried to upload photos after the new libgphoto2 release
but before the iOS 10.3 update so I can't say whether Jan's version would have
worked with 10.3 or not.  Jan's version is no longer available, so I can't go
back to test it.

>From the other messages in the previous thread on this, it appears there has
been an on-going problem with iOS updates.  Likely that this has occurred

Also as was suggested here previously, I've copied the gphoto-devel mailing
list to alert Markus to this problem.


On Sunday, March 12, 2017 5:38:37 PM EDT Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:

> Am Sonntag, 12. März 2017, 12:16:01 CET schrieb Dennis Gallien:
> > [...]
> > Also interesting is that I did not have any problem with the IOS "Trust"
> > function.  It is persistent for this computer connection across new phone
> > sessions.
> Interesting indeed. Our trust "issues" seem to have been a red herring.
> > Of course if the phone goes to sleep the connection must be re-
> > initiated before it can be accessed again; when that happens the "store"
> > folder still increments.
> Then and when, while the phone is awake and unlocked, a session is closed
> and reopened more than 3 seconds later. Maybe they fixed an unknown exploit
> in iOS 10.2.
> > AFAICT, libphoto2 works!
> Fine. And Marcus thinks about releasing the next libgphoto2 version as an
> update.
> > Thanks for all the great help, Jan!
> Don't praise the messenger! Thank Marcus and ObsidianParis.
> Gruß
>  Jan
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