gphoto2 and ST2205 USB picture frame

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gphoto2 and ST2205 USB picture frame

Stéphane Charette
Newbie here.  Just subscribed.  My 7yo daughter received a tiny LCD picture frame in a keychain for Christmas.  gphoto2 seems to support it:

> lsusb
Bus 003 Device 044: ID 1403:0001 Sitronix Digital Photo Frame

> gphoto2 --list-cameras 
Number of supported cameras: 2264                                              
Supported cameras:
"ST2205 USB picture frame" (TESTING)

> gphoto2 --version
gphoto2 2.5.10
This version of gphoto2 is using the following software versions and options:
gphoto2         2.5.10         gcc, popt(m), exif, cdk, aa, jpeg, readline
libgphoto2      2.5.10         all camlibs, gcc, ltdl, EXIF
libgphoto2_port 0.12.0         gcc, ltdl, USB, serial without locking

Problem is, after reading through the gphoto2 man page, I don't understand exactly how to use it, nor can I find working examples with Google.  Here is an example of what I tried:

> gphoto2 --upload-file=test_240x320.jpg 
*** Error ***              
An error occurred in the io-library ('Bad parameters'): No error description available
*** Error (-2: 'Bad parameters') ***       


> gphoto2 --camera="ST2205 USB picture frame" --port="serial:/dev/sdi" --upload-file=test_240x320.jpg
*** Error ***              
An error occurred in the io-library ('Unsupported operation'): The operation 'seek' is not supported by this device
*** Error (-6: 'Unsupported operation') ***       

Full log with --debug and auto-detect:

Full log with --debug and manually specifying the camera type and port:

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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