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Feature Requests item #3107522, was opened at 2010-11-11 13:23
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Submitted By: stoffe (stoffe83)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: bulb cable

Initial Comment:
It would be very nice for an astrophotographer to be able to control a Nikon or a Canon camera with a special "bulb cable" it is only the RTS pin in a RS232 port that need to be programmed high or low. Here is the schematic with some code examples written in basic, pretty simple.
It is only to things that need to be input from the user, a way to select port and shutter time with an interval of 30 sek to 2 hours or more.
These "bulb cable" are the standards, commonly wide used.


Comment By: Ctibor Brančík (korhul)
Date: 2012-12-01 10:29

I own Nikon D80 and it is not possible to set bulb mode with USB cable. But
it is possible with serial cable. Howtos can be found here:
http://www.beskeen.com/projects/dslr_serial/dslr_serial.shtml and  here:

There is existing very rudimentary but working program that can work with
this cable:

However it would be nice to see this integrated in gphoto2 as it would
allow for more advanced use of this "hack".


Comment By: Marcus Meissner (marcusmeissner)
Date: 2011-12-03 11:36

well, the newer  Canon EOS DSLR can do programmed bulb capture over USB.

For others
If you can program the bulk cable via serial port, you can do run a small
program alongside gphoto2 for instance to help here.


Comment By: stoffe (stoffe83)
Date: 2011-12-01 01:38

Hello, you got lucky if your camera support it, only few of the newest
cameras does have this more then 30 seconds buld feature. My Nikon D80 does
need a bulb cable to capture more then 30 seconds controlled through the
computer. I didn't found a specific list of cameras that need this special
bulb cable but most of the DSLR from Canon and Nikon does need it. It would
be very nice with an opensource altrnative to MaximDL that costs lot of
money and does not work in Linux enviroment.


Comment By: Alexey Guseynov (kibergus)
Date: 2011-11-30 23:49

What for do you need this additional cable if you can trigger capture
(including bulb mode) via USB port with appropriate commands? I
successfully did it on canon 40D.


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