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customized bracket burst performance

I'm writing a gphoto capture script for solar eclipse. I'm interfacing two Nikon DSLR cameras.
I'm trying to do HDR bracketing during totality (lasting 2 and half minutes max). Take a image then step down 1 or 2EV and repeat. The target was set to sd card.

gphoto2 --debug --debug-logfile=my-logfile.txt --set-config /main/capturesettings/capturemode=0 --set-config /main/imgsettings/iso=3 \
    --set-config /main/settings/capturetarget=2 \
    --set-config-value /main/capturesettings/shutterspeed=1/4000 \
    --trigger-capture \
    --wait-event=100ms \
    --set-config-value /main/capturesettings/shutterspeed=1/2000 \
    --trigger-capture \
--wait-event=500ms \
    --set-config-value /main/capturesettings/shutterspeed=1/500 \
    --trigger-capture \
--wait-event=500ms \
    --set-config-value /main/capturesettings/shutterspeed=1/250 \
    --trigger-capture \
--wait-event=500ms \
    --set-config-value /main/capturesettings/shutterspeed=1/125 \

The problem seems to be related to performance. A next capture won't start until the sd card is written. Some of the trigger-capture seems to be ignored. Will writing c code by calling direct ptp command fix this problem? Manually operating the camera appears file i/o and capture are asynchronous.

Or if it's possible to capture 14 raw to sdram in quick concession before downloading them with usb together ?