Webcampak 3 (time-lapse photography appliance)

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Webcampak 3 (time-lapse photography appliance)

François G.
Hello everyone,

For those interested, and almost 5 years after my last message on this
topic (, a
new version of Webcampak was released over the past few weeks.

Webcampak is a time-lapse photography appliance aimed at assisting
photographers and film-makers in their long-term time-lapse projects.
It can perform various activities such as on-the-fly picture
manipulation, video creation and is equipped with various mechanisms
to prevent picture loss. It can be installed either on embedded x86
computers directly connected to a D-SLR camera or in a datacenter and
serve as a central server for multiple on-site cameras.

Same than before, our entire codebase is open-source, this time we
made further efforts (better installation script, more structured
repository, better documentation) to ease installation by anyone with
basic GNU/Linux skills.

Webcampak remains an "appliance", it's composed of a set of tools
(including Gphoto2 and its command line for communication with USB
cameras), pre-configured to serve identified use cases and controlled
by a small piece of software we developed.

To get started, simply spin up a new VM with a fresh Ubuntu 16.04
Server (with a user "webcampak"), and run the script available here:
#> bash

We would be curious to hear feedback from the community. As you might
suspect, we always tend to install on similar hardware, always
following an installation procedure we got very familiar with, so
getting a fresh set of eyes and discovering new use cases will
definitely help us improve the software.

Some resources:
 - GitHub repo: (entry point, git
submodules are used for various components)
 - Documentation:

Feel free to get in touch through GitHub or via email.


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