T6i and Autofocus

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T6i and Autofocus

Hi, I'm setting up a remote installation and am using a RPi GPIO to control wakeup/focus features.

I want the camera to wake up and focus using the hardware solution rather than the USB PTP software.

My concern is that 99% of the time the camera will be able to focus but due to how remote it will be the 1% and having it lock up concerns me.  Right now it bombs and causes problems that need a power cycle on the camera to fix (I could wire this in as well if necessary).

The camera will be in a fixed location so running the lens in manual focus is an option but one I'd rather not use if possible.

How do I have gphoto2 take a photo without worrying about autofocus? Is that even possible? I've tried --set-config autofocusdrive=0 but the camera still focuses before firing.

Thank you