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On  2016-12-10 18:24:04, Marcus Meissner... wrote:

>Can you try
>gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed=1/100
>And see if it goes to 1/100?
>This sadly might not be exposed in the UI tool.
>The sony does not offer us a set of shutterspeeds for some reason, but
expects us to guess the more or less valid ones :(
>Have to try with my camera once I get back home.
>Ciao, Marcus

Hi Marcus,

i made some tests:

"gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed=" works but there are some problems:

·         the command line works if i start connection with Shutterspeed different from bulb. for example:

"gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed=1/8000"                   minimun



"gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed=10/10"



"gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed=300/10"                   maximun (30 seconds)

on display of sony camera i can see the shutter speed changing. For example: if i change from 1/8000 to 100/10 i can see on sony display: "1/8000", "1/4000", ecc..... 10" (in this case the operation takes about 20 seconds to be completed)

·         the command line works also if i change from any shutterspeed to Bulb:

"gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed=Bulb"

in this case i can see sony display changes from 30" to "Bulb"

·         the problem: one time the shutterspeed is set to "Bulb" (or if i start connection with "Bulb") there's no way to change shutterspeed  and the camera rest always in "bulb" and i must roll the command whell on camera to come back to 30" exposure and then i can use again command line normally.

It is possible to fix this bugs?

Maybe there could be a solution to bypass this bug: i can create a set-up with 30" exposure time as default. one time in Bulb mode i could change "expprogram" from Manual (M) to another ("S" or "A") and then change to "M" again. In this way the exposure should came back to default value (30"). I would like to test it but for some reason the command "gphoto2 --set-config expprogram =" does not works

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