Reading configuration of Canon EOS 760D

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Reading configuration of Canon EOS 760D

Florian Kantz
first of all thanks for the great tool gphoto2 to remotely control my

I am currently trying to integrate my Canon EOS 760D into an own
application using the CLI when experiencing some strange behavior.
I try to read the ISO configuration from the camera using gphoto
directly on the command line on my linux machine:
gphoto2 --get-config iso --debug 1>stdout.log 2>stderr.log
In some cases I retrieve the ISO settings as expected, in other cases I
get a "Label: Camera and Driver Configuration" back. The request is sent
shortly one after another, the camera still connected to the PC and
still awake.
Some similar behaviour I also experienced with gphoto2 --list-config
when the list of returned config parameters varies.
Do you have any idea what happens and how to solve this issue?

As you could seen in the first provided command line to read ISO
settings, I created some traces for analysis. stdout.log and stderr.log
show the expected behavior retrieving ISO setting, stdout2.log and
stderr2.log show the behavior in case of the error.

Thanks in advance for you support.

Best regards


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