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Hi Marcus,

The camera is IXUS 160. Your suspicion is reasonable since the firmware hasn't fully released, but the current firmware version for ixus 160 seems working with the basic functions.
The really wield thing is it works on one of my Ubuntu 14.04 machine which I installed gphoto2 three month ago still using gphoto2.5.8; while it doesn't work my raspberry pi and my second ubuntu 14.04 system, both installed the newest gphoto2.5.9. And I tried EOS cameras on the raspberry pi and my second ubuntu machine, work well. 
I will make last try to change the raspberry pi to work with gphoto2.5.8 and see how it will go.
Feel free to leave any idea!

The camera is so far unknown, which name does it have?

It seems a new one. All new Canon cameras do not support capture
(except the EOS series).


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