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GPhotoFS - File Protection update event

I'm using a Canon 7d MK II for the following, I can capture additional info for Canon 5d MK II if needed.

Would it be possible to trigger a full reload of the file directory on another event? I have found a couple of events that could be used, in the debug that I have been able to decipher so far.

1. Menu Button Press (this really only works if you go back and press menu again after taking a photo)
2. New Photo being taken (This would look through photos again after each photo and may be a bit cumbersome)
3. Identification of the "Protect Image" event which is currently "unhandled" according to the output.

~==Testing Steps==~:
The following steps are taken with the camera connected with gphotofs
1. Take a photo
2. Check the files that are listed on the camera with ls on the directory connected in gphotofs, the new file does show up (hurray)
3. Run command "gphoto2 --list-files" the file that has now been protected has it's attributes changed to "rd"
4. Through the camera menu go to "Protect Images".
5. Protect the image
6. Check the files that are listed on the camera to see if the permissions on the file have changed, this has not update.
7. Run command "gphoto2 --list-files" the file that has now been protected has it's attributes changed to "r-"
8. Shoot additional images on the camera, the new images do show up in gphotofs mounted directory however the list of files are not updated to show the item that had been locked.
9. Unmount gphotofs directory with "fusermount -u <dirName>" and remount, this shows the file that had been protected with the updated attributes.

~==Doing debug I see the following==~
1. run the command "gphoto2 --wait-event-and-download=1000s --keep"
2. press "Menu" button on camera output that I get is the following.
            UNKNOWN Button 21
            UNKNOWN OLCInfo event 0x0010 content 04000000
            UNKNOWN OLCInfo event mask=11
3. going into "Protect Images" -> "Select images" I am then able to view images that I'd like to protect.
4. selecting image that I would like to protect I get the following output
            UNKNOWN unhandled EOS event ObjectInfoChangedEx (size 60)

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