Cannot create a directory in CanonESO60D

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Cannot create a directory in CanonESO60D

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I m using gphoto2 to capture photos continously for a test. I want to create new folder for a new test, instead of copying the files to my computer and deleting all the files on the SD card. As far as the functionality, everything works except deletion, and upload of files and folders.
I am not able to make a new directory using this command

gphoto2 --mkdir /store_00020001/DCIM/Test

Output :
*** Error ***
PTP Access Denied
*** Error (-1: 'Unspecified Error') ***
For debugging messages ....
a message showing how to debug

Even the device capabilities in summary states that i can delete and upload files
Device Capabilities:
        File Download, File Deletion, File Upload
        No Image Capture, No Open Capture, Canon EOS Capture, Canon EOS Shutter Button
I killed all the gvfs processes, in case they might have claimed the device.
Please suggest me if there is anything i have to do, i will uplaod debug infomation too.