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Esa V

I'm fully aware of Gphoto camera compatibility list and it is a great source of information for many purposes. However, as many of the models at the list seems to be end-of-life,  it does not give easy answer to a question "what camera should I buy today?"

My use case would require a constant supply of cameras (wild guess around hundred/year), hence the absolute requirement is 1-2 year stock availability.

Price is also crucial. After around €300 it starts to really hurt.

Here's a list of technical requirements. List is fairly long but I'm just trying to be thorough. Nothing special, in short just need to automatically take pictures which can be compared with each other. That means, any uncontrolled picture modifications performed by the camera must be ironed out.

- Must be able to use external power (dummy battery etc.)
- Camera must turn itself on without human touch when the external power is turned on
- Camera must boot into mode suitable for receiving remote control commands from the computer
- Camera must not fall into any sleep or power saving mode where it is not reachable by the computer
- Aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity must be individually controllable by the computer (aka Manual exposure mode)
- Focus must be controllable by the computer (no AF)
- Zoom must be motorized and  controllable by the computer
- Must be able to perform  tethered shoot and transfer image to the computer and delete image from camera
- Image transfer should be possible in the middle of long shooting sequence (without the need for rezoom, refocus, etc. in order to continue shooting)
- Flash must be possible to be turned off
- Must be able to use pre-set White Balance (no auto WB). No need for changing WB mode on the fly.  Camera should have a custom WB mode configured by taking sample picture of a white/gray scene
- No image stabilizator, or it must be able to make it completely dead
- Camera must be remote controllable from a computer running Linux OS
- Several cameras (5 or more) must be controllable at the same time
- Available resolution should be at least 16M
- Mirrorlessnes and electronic shutter preferred

All these features can be found in affordable cameras out there. I just want them to be in the same camera.

The closest thing I have found since  is NikonD3300. It lacks motorized zoom and the lens with stabilizator causes image jumping even when turned off. It also sounds like wood chopping. Does not matter but makes one ponder the durability.

Camera form factor (DSRL or fixed lens) does not matter.

Any ideas?


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