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Auto/Manual focus problem


i read all the disscussions with the focusing topic. But still not abble to find working process.

I have camera on some position every day, i can switch manually on the lens to autofocus, make autofocus and switch to manual focusing, so the gphoto will not refocus again.

But, if the electricity goes down, or the camera is accidentally switched of, i lost the focus. I take one picture every minute, and need to keep to focus same.

how to do it? bcs, i cant handle it on the place?

i have canon 7d, and some other canon eos 1100d, manual focusing in shell is not solution for me, is it possible to autofocus even if manual focus is enabled on the lens?

set eosremoterelease doesnt work

thanks for your answer, i am trying to make it work maybe more than a week, every day job :)