Announcement: libgphoto2 2.5.13 release

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Announcement: libgphoto2 2.5.13 release

Marcus Meissner-4
Hi folks!

I am happy to announce the libgphoto2 2.5.13 release!

Major features / bugfixes:

- Downloading of files from Apple iOS 10.2 and newer devices was broken, this has been fixed.

  (The PTP storage appears delayed after opening the session and we did not handle that before.)

- Pentax K support revitalized

  I have imported the pktriggercord codebase into the pentax driver and polished it up.

  I also bought a Pentax K10D for debugging, but also thank Ray Wells for lots of
  testing with his Pentax.

  If your Pentax K camera is not yet listed here, please report it / add it ... It will probably work now.

- Sony Alpha Live View support

  For almost all newer Sony Alphas (e.g. 5100 etc.)

Not in this release, but in the near future:
- Canon EOS M support. I bought a Canon EOS M 10 so I can work on this.

Thanks again for all contributors, for supplying patches, filing github issues, testing and bugreports!

And a special thanks to Google for awarding me 250 US$ in their "Opensource Peer Bonus" program.
(I used it to buy the new cameras ;)

Ciao, Marcus

--- git shortlog of all changes ---

Anders Jonsson (1):
      fixed typos in translatable strings

Elijah Parker (2):
      liveview support for Sony
      checking events still causes capture unreliability for newer sony alphas in my testing (this breaks older sony support)

Ismo Puustinen (1):
      scripts: remove bashisms.

Kevin JOLY (2):
      Do not print error if timeout after a check fast event
      Do not return camera_wait_for_event before timeout expiration

Marcus Meissner (126): dev
      do not wait in event handling when fuzzing
      added canon powershot g16
      sony: handle values if they are already set, no need to do changes aspectratio values were mixed shutterspeed bulb could not be moved away off
      Merge pull request #128 from timelapseplus/master
      Revert "checking events still causes capture unreliability for newer sony alphas in my testing (this breaks older sony support)"
      sony wait event: move checking for newly added images before the event wait to avoid the time spent
      added -1 and 1 as values for exposurecompensation of EOS fixes
      Merge pull request #131 from nmrmak/added-support-for-some-canon-half-step-exposure-compensation-values
      end liveview when exiting the camera. this makes a secondary live capture work on older Nikon DSLR. reference
      if we have EOS_RemoteReleaseOn, allow capture.
      fixed syntax errors in last commit
      also try requesting shuttercounter
      Fuji Fujifilm X-T2 fixes
      fuji xt2
      Merge pull request #134 from ipuustin/bashisms
      mark XT-2 as capture capable
      store the correct transaction id for terminating the open capture should fix
      updated debuginfo from
      set two undocumented property values when starting up Fuji XT
      add Nikon Keymission 360
      mirror up setting is 32bit
      slt a37 sony
      preview capable tag for A6300
      copyright headers
      make wait always timeout during fuzzing
      add busy check after enabling liveview. try to address
      Sony A7r II also is liveview capable sony liveview occasionaly resulted in accessdenied, try again
      added mor esony whitebalance values
      sony extra fine
      more sony bracketing modes decoded
      8029 for sony bracketing DRO Hi
      C 03.3 bracketing sony fix
      focusmode DMF - direct manual focus
      mark all Sony Controls with capture preview.
      added even more sanity checks for focusinfo parsing
      initialize object handles struct (AFL)
      handle no data receive in CHDK script output reader (AFL)
      malicious devices might report stepsize 0 to cause endless loops (AFL)
      check for canon changes entry size < 8 to ensure good progress (AFL)
      hueadjustment: if we have no values, the Values ptr is NULL (AFL)
      match entries in second loop
      fixed counting OLCGroup entries (1 more needed) (AFL)
      move size check to match the entry detection logic (AFL)
      final try to fix OLC entry calculation (AFL)
      handle errors from widget addition (AFL)
      one more check for widget handling (AFL)
      fix olc info count detection even more (AFL)
      harden delete_recurse against non-existing folders (AFL)
      handle 0 size and too small folderentry returns in canon folderentry (AFL)
      avoid overflows by strcpy of filename (AFL)
      if there is no timeout, just check if anything is in the interrupt queue
      timeout 0 in libusb 0.x is also okish
      add a event queue check function, which should do no USB io or minimal waits
      event_queue_check -> event_check_queue
      cache storageids (not used currently) on store addition or store removal, reset the libgphoto2 filesystem (Currently just triggered on wait-event)
      decode sony raw name
      more sony a7r
      added eos m5
      Use the storageids from the params array add some Apple iOS 10.2 hacky code to wait for their storage ids to appear, which happens some time after session start
      added eos m5
      apple iphone storage hack: fixed the detection
      move the initial liust folder after the apple hack
      one more fix to try to fix the iphone initial issue
      i%7 should have been i%8 (or i&7) fixes
      in summary, use the cached storageids.
      ported the pentax driver to the imported pktriggercord
      added pentax k50d id
      LIBPGHOTO should be LIBGPHOTO2 and correct the header file
      added Bulb configuration
      log the errors on weird image formats
      more debug in wait_for_evnet
      check for an integer overflow in ptp_unpack_OPL
      add support for RAW_PLUS in downloaders. unify format selection in wait_event with capture-image
      it seems pslr_bulb also needs a pslr_shutter afterwards
      merge back from libmtp for their async handling
      added missing break;s
      also allow RAW+ look for the first free buftype in capture_image
      added a get_status after pslr_shutter
      Added summary output of the status information More debugging
      Merge pull request #144 from Kev-J/master
      instead of repeated event checks and back off wait, just use one long wait for usb events method. fixes
      added sony dsc rx100m5 as reported
      added sony rx 100m5
      added gopro hero5 (from libmtp report)
      download the correct image type (PEF, DNG or JPEG)
      imported from libmtp
      copyright updated
      updated NEWS
      initalize pslr struct
      k10d has a 288 byte status block
      added P900, tagged with Nikon broken capture flag.
      added nikon p900 info
      check events quickly in remove folders func
      added canon eos m10
      revert back to 392 for k10d after firmware updatre
      varargs are tricky. the code expects uint32, but we passed in 64bit longs
      also cast the long entities in senedpartialobject64 to uint32_t
      sync from libmtp 1.1.13
      import from pktriggercord on april 4
      more debugging
      download rawplus images in wait_for_event
      more dual mode fixes to address
      wait after delete try to return the same id for the capt images on raw and jpg
      avoid error on capture return no image
      move capcnt into the private struct to increase threadsafety
      wait for image availability in capture function added trigger capture
      remove useless gpi_exif_stat
      driver is "testing" level
      implement exposurecompensation get/set correctly
      bulb toggle set correctly
      do not print the hexdump to stdout
      Use the correct shootingmode enumeration.
      Merge branch 'pentax'
      remove use of builtin exif stuff, use libexif directly
      do not call gpi_exif_stat, do not use exif.h header
      added gopro hero5 session
      use standard syntax for imageformat
      Image format -> Image Format
      missing HAVE_LIBEXIF_H
      pentax driver included a .txt file
      remove unused check_ptp_filesystem
      2.5.13 release

nmrmak (1):
      Added -4.5, -3.5, 3.5 and 4.5 as values for exposurecompensation of EOS

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